& providing you with the perfect start for the day.

Breakfast at Ria’s

Is for the early bird that catches the worm or through until nearly lunchtime. In the soft morning light on our Terrace, in the Garden or in our cosy Breakfast Stuberl.

 Ria with a big breakfast selection for all moods and tastes.

Early birds will catch the “Good Morning Vibe” and freshly baked breadrolls.
Late risers will appreciate our flexible breakfast times. “Party Tigers” love our “Hangover Cure Brekky”.

Breakfast at Ria’s

The most important meal of the day! We invite you to indulge yourselves with a wonderfully relaxing breakfast on our east facing “sunshine terrace” or in our cosy breakfast room. We offer an expansive breakfast with many bio and local products and in our opinion, the best tasting boiled eggs in Austria – straight from our local organic farmer.

Whether you need to be up early for a congress or a water ski or maybe you are crawling out of bed late, suffering from a hangover – we have the morning recipe!!!

We also offer a mean “hair of the dog”! if you are really under the weather.

Pleasure is in the attention to detail – We will seduce you in the morning with a deliciously tasty breakfast. We place great emphasis on fresh, mainly regionally sourced products and on meeting your individual needs.
Eggs from the local farmer (actually from the local chickens !!). Breakfast in all its variations can be enjoyed until just before midday.

The classic Ria breakfast is available every day. Our special Ria style is to serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, jams, honey, boiled eggs, ham and cheese to your table. You can then select all the cereals, creamy yogurt and fresh fruit you desire from the buffet. Ria’s “breakfast a la carte” aims to satisfy all your culinary wishes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients of the season.